Security Mirrors

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Central & South Auckland

Indoor convex mirrors

Indoor convex mirrors are probably the most cost-effective and powerful deterrent available against shoplifting and collisions in the workplace. Our extensive range of round and dome-shaped mirrors are designed for indoor surveillance and observation.

Outdoor convex mirrors

Outdoor convex mirrors can significantly improve road safety by optimising your field of vision on blind corners, tight bends, awkward or concealed entrances, exits and car parks.

Forklift Truck Rear Vision Mirrors

The new range of forklift half-dome mirrors and standard forklift rear-vision convex mirrors are fitted with an impact resistant acrylic face with clear distortion free reflection.

Inspection Convex Mirrors

Inspection convex mirrors are especially designed for vehicle searches and security inspections to identify biosecurity risks, stow aways, hidden explosives, weapons or drugs.

Food and Production Line Mirrors

Convex mirrors can improve performance and help minimise the need for process redesign measures. By installing production line mirrors, processes can be effectively monitored, reducing production costs, bottlenecks, and workplace accidents.

Corrections Facility Mirrors

Corrections Facility mirrors have been specifically designed for use in prisons and secure units, where security and safety to both guard and prisoner or patient are critical. The virtually indestructible polycarbonate mirror face is further strengthened with the high-density foam insert and a unique full-steel frame.

School Science Education Mirrors

With the assistance of science teachers in both New Zealand and Australia, we have developed a set of two school educational science mirrors. The set includes one convex and one concave mirror, display stand and physics experiment book.

First Surface Mirrors

First surface mirrors are primarily used for projection purposes in such applications as gaming, immersive education, planetariums and astrology, flight simulation, rear projection TV, 3D entertainment and digital signage.

Aircraft Docking Mirrors

The Aircraft Docking Guidance Mirror (ADGM) is a 100% accurate and fail safe system for nose-in docking of aircraft at the gate. Compliant with the 2005 ICAO regulations, this is a low-tech/low-cost alternative to other docking systems.

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